You Are Invited!

The MessageIt’s never easy to ask for an invitation after you find out something is happening. There’s always the fear you may not have been invited for a reason. I know I’ve wanted to get the courage up to ask in the past… almost every time (almost) the lack of an invitation was an innocent oversight.

Still, we are the church, a community where all are invited to grow in faith, together. Would you believe there are FOUR events taking place in our church community this week?

On Friday, we welcome back the Flemington Area Food Pantry for their annual “Empty Bowl” fundraiser lunch. Guess what? You are invited!

On Saturday from 10:00AM to 1:30PM we are celebrating our annual Church Conference in East Brunswick with worship, workshops, and a time to reflect on the year of ministry we’ve had. Guess what? You are invited!

On Sunday afternoon at 3:00PM, Dr. June Grutzmacher will perform an incredible assortment of piano music in our church sanctuary, followed by refreshments in Fellowship Hall. Guess what? You are invited!

On Tuesday, October 31 at 5:30PM, Emily Kelchen, Kim Doyle, myself, and others will put on costumes and hand out sweet treats. Guess what? You are invited!

You – everyone who reads these words, however you hear this message – you are invited to participate in powerful ways this week. Will you accept the invitation?

Keep the faith,

Pastor Ben