Simple Religion

The MessageHave you ever gone through physical therapy? Maybe it came after an injury or a surgery… If you have, you know it can feel impossible. The prescribed stretches tear and burn while the bruises and scars remind us constantly that we were in pain and, in fact, still live there in the domain of the acute. The commitment to heal that takes strength, courage, and determination. For anyone in a season of recovery now, know you are cared for and prayed for.

This word “religion” is often misunderstood or viewed negatively. It’s helpful to reflect on its etymology; that is, how we got this strange word “religion” in the first place. While it’s always tough to reconstruct the languages of the distant past, many scholars believe the word is a combination of “re-,” or again, and “ligo,” to bind or connect. You might recognize this root –ligo from ligament, those short bands of tissue that we work to heal through physical therapy.

Religion, then, is at its core a commitment to reconnecting with our Creator God. Is this the first thing we think of when we hear “religion?” Sometimes we have other images pop up, of dry, dull form without the enlivening Spirit of God.

Part of our work together as Flemington United Methodist Church is to restore and re-bind with our community, to heal injured bonds and to make new, strong connections with people we have yet to meet. It will take strength and courage to stretch beyond our comfort, but I know we are up to the challenge.

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Ben