Sharing Our Resources

The MessageEvery time I visit a church for the first time I see something surprising. If you have ever served as a trustee you will back me up on this: churches find creative solutions to challenges (sometimes in ways that leave future generations shaking their heads). We are adaptive and adaptable, adjusting to meet the needs of a community in a time and place. Above all else, our faithfulness drives us to be resourceful.

Stewardship in the church is tied up in how we manage our resources. How we use and share our time, our gifts, and our financial resources shines a light on where our treasure is truly found. The best approach is to be resourceful and flexible, creative and responsible.

We are going to take some time this Sunday to look over the financial health of Flemington UMC. There is a lot of good, good news to celebrate. My hope is that we can begin to put a stable foundation under our church as we seek to magnify God’s grace to Flemington in new and exciting ways this year and beyond.

The parable we will hear in worship this Sunday reminds us that God is generous. The workers who put in a full day’s work were left frustrated that those who showed up at the end and did the least earned the same wage. They still received the promised payment; they each received a full portion of grace. We have each been blessed in some way. I pray we can reflect on these blessings as we look to resourcing our ministry for today, tomorrow, and beyond.

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Ben