Relationships Are a Means of Grace

The MessageFor those who are dipping a toe into the Wednesday evening small group beginning this Wednesday evening on The Marks of a Methodist, the phrase “means of grace” will become more and more familiar. This phrase points to tangible things like Holy Communion, fasting, and visiting with the sick where we can experience the “nearness of the Lord more fully.” To use Wesley’s language (itself the language of the early church), these are each “an outward sign of an inward grace.”

It is a short leap to see that relationships – marriage, friendships, coworkers, the person in the pew next to you, any relationship – are one of the most powerful means of grace we can experience. Don’t believe me? Ask your closest friend if they’ve ever had to show you patience, mercy, forgiveness, or grace. Breaking up is easy; staying together is sometimes difficult. Yet it’s in taking the risk to stay together that love is found.

I invite us as a church community and as part of the big family of God to think about the relationships in our lives that matter this week. So then, church, this is my question:

What does it take to sustain a relationship over time?

Keep the faith,

Pastor Ben