Marks of a Methodist

Five Marks of a MethodistPlease sign up today for Pastor Ben’s Marks of a Methodist small group study.

The group will meet Wednesday evenings, 7:00PM at the church beginning October 11.

Books will be provided with a suggested freewill offering of $8.00. The book is yours to keep and will hopefully prove a worthwhile friend on your bookshelf beyond the five week scope of the study.

Each week participants will explore one of the five characteristics John Wesley first laid out for those connected through one of the religious societies under the Methodist banner in the 1700s:

1.       A Methodist Loves God

2.       A Methodist Rejoices in God

3.       A Methodist Gives Thanks

4.       A Methodist Prays Constantly

5.       A Methodist Loves Others

The author doesn’t reassert these qualities as a means of separating us from other Christians, but rather states that he “offers this brief book to give the opportunity to meditate on each of these characteristics and prayerfully apply them to your journey with Jesus.” I pray you will join in the exploration and draw near to God in community.

There will be more small group opportunities forming in the months ahead. Please join in and invite a friend from inside or outside the church!