Dart League

Flemington UMC has been a part of the Hunterdon County Church Dart League since it began in the mid 1930’s.  The Flemington Dart Team is one of five teams that compete weekly during the months of October to April each year for the title of Dart League Champion.  Flemington won the Championship in 2015 and came within two runs of winning in 2016.

Our matches are different than traditional darts.  We throw at a four foot square board from a distance of 25 feet.  The dart board is a non-traditional Baseball field pattern and the darts are traditional in shape, but generally heavier than the bar room variety.

The teams come from many denominations and the players range from high school hot shots to retired masters and everything in between.  New players are welcome.  The only requirement is being able to throw a dart!

Interested in joining the team? Email us!